Are you able to both shoot and conduct interviews for us?
In short, yes, that is something we can handle. In fact, most of our interview shoots are done on location as opposed to a studio. Matt Ruggles of 7th Wave Pictures has been shooting and conducting interviews full time for over 20 years. Outside of the actual video equation is having the ability to get our interviewees comfortable in front of the camera or at least not as nervous. It isn’t a natural thing to do for most people so having the right personnel on set is very important. There is a lot that goes into it and having experience goes a long way in making sure the interview goes well. Reach out to us to get more tips on successful interviews.
Can we hire you to shoot b-roll for our company?
Yes. We undertand that b-roll footage is important and it often goes hand in hand with shooting interviews. Having the right shots is important for our video projects so we know it is imperative to not only shoot the right footage but also to have plenty of footage for the editor. Getting it right the first time is important so if you need footage of employees working, a product being manufactured, aspects of customer service, or something else, just give us a call.
Are you able to shoot interviews on location while our producer conducts an interview remotely from a laptop?
Absolutely we can and this has been more popular since the pandemic started. We have a setup where a computer laptop is placed next to the camera where the interviewer would typically sit. Using Microsoft Teams or Zoom we have the interview conducted as if the interviewer was actually in the room. Our footage is then sent to you on a drive or uploaded via MASV app for you to download. We understand that budgets and time constraints make this setup possible.
What is your primary video camera for shooting interviews?
We shoot most of our interviews with a Sony FS7 camera with a variety of lenses to give different looks. The Sony FS7 is a very versatile camera that is used often for broadcast, corporate, and documentary. Picture profiles allow us to achieve a variety of aesthetics and we have the ability to shoot Log to allow for color grading in post production. We can shoot in a variety of formats and frame rates if you need to match up with previously shot footage. Let us know how we can help.
What experience do you have in shooting interviews on location?

Most of our video shoots are done on location as opposed to shooting in a studio. Shooting on location allows us to shoot b-roll or video footage often times as commercial work spaces. In the case of shooting multiple interviews having those on camera show up to location allow for shoots to go more quickly and smoothly. If you need an additional camera or 2 to give some different looks we can accommodate that. Please look over our website to see the work that we do and reach out to us with your project.

How much does it cost to produce a video?
This is a question I have heard many times and there are too many variables to just throw out a price with little information. It would be like asking how much does dinner cost at a restaurant? With little information to go on we advise potential clients to gather as much information as possible. We do work with a variety of budgets but we still need to know the basics before we can send off a quote. Visit our website to get an idea of what we do and reach out to us on your next project.

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