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Founded in 2003, 7th Wave Pictures traces its beginnings to the vision of Matt Ruggles, who established this Atlanta-based video production company. Matt, an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University in 1994, made a life-altering decision to relocate to Atlanta, seeking both a change of pace and a more temperate climate.

Matt’s career began in the broadcast video rental sector, where he served as a rental coordinator. His role involved supplying broadcast equipment to networks, production companies, and freelancers. While his academic background laid a solid foundation, it was the hands-on experience with video and audio equipment that truly expanded his knowledge. However, a pivotal moment arrived in early 2002 when the industry faced a significant downturn, leading to Matt’s unfortunate layoff, alongside several colleagues. This event served as the catalyst for him to pursue his true passion.


While 7th Wave Pictures engages in a diverse range of projects, their true strength lies in the art of storytelling. The company believes that capturing video footage is a task accessible to many, but crafting compelling narratives demands a unique blend of creativity and expertise. Their approach, while not entirely groundbreaking, stands in contrast to an industry often marred by subpar work, as they firmly refuse to contribute to mediocrity.

7th Wave Pictures’ portfolio primarily includes corporate projects, yet their versatility has led them to take on a wide variety of creative tasks. With extensive experience behind the camera, Matt and his team have collaborated with fellow production companies, network news outlets, crewing organizations, and even television shows. This diverse background keeps their work engaging and continually evolving.


7th Wave Pictures’ primary goal is to bring their clients’ visions to life. For those navigating the intricacies of their projects, there’s no need to worry; the team excels in helping clients clarify their creative goals. While their website showcases numerous videos that exemplify the quality of their work, their ultimate aim is to understand each unique project and collaborate to achieve the clients’ objectives. They firmly believe that each project is unique, approaching each one as a blank canvas, ready to craft a fresh masterpiece.

At 7th Wave Pictures, the focus isn’t just on capturing moments; they are dedicated to creating stories, developing narratives, and empowering clients’ visions with their expertise. Clients are encouraged to embark on a creative journey with them, confident that their ideas will be transformed into captivating visuals that resonate with their intended audiences.

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