Atlanta’s Premier Video Production Choice

Where Artistry Meets Expertise

Atlanta’s Premier Video Production Choice

Where Artistry Meets Expertise

We specialize in corporate video production, but our portfolio is diverse and showcases our versatility. We are passionate about storytelling through video and believe that true mastery is achieved when images weave together into a narrative that resonates deeply with audiences. With unwavering dedication, we transform your vision into a masterpiece.

We want to be your partner! We work collaboratively to bring your vision to life, providing guidance and maintaining open communication to ensure alignment. We believe that a fun and enjoyable production process leads to the best results.

We help you tell your story in a meaningful way, whether you’re looking to connect with customers, promote your brand, or raise awareness for your cause.

Our Services

Marketing is a critical component to be a truly successful company. Short videos provide entertainment, information in a very accessible manner so you can reach and increase your potential audience. We take quality and attention to detail very seriously, ensuring that our clients are happy with the final product. We have our services broken down into different categories, but we are not limited to just this. There is a bit of crossover between corporate, broadcast, and documentary. If you have something in mind that isn’t on our website please contact us to go over your needs.


At 7th Wave Pictures, we understand the magic of live events, and we’re here to capture it in all its splendor. Our event video production services in Atlanta, GA, transform fleeting moments into timeless memories.


Your brand is your story, and we’re the pen that writes it in vivid motion. With our corporate video production, we craft narratives that engage, educate, and elevate your business..


The art of persuasion lies in the power of visual storytelling. Our promotional videos are designed to captivate, inspire, and drive action. With our creative spark and technical prowess,..


Knowledge is power, and our instructional video production is the bridge that makes learning an engaging and interactive experience. Our approach is simple yet profound – we understand your subject, break it down into digestible bits, and craft visuals that guide and inspire.


The world watches, and we deliver. With our broadcast video production, we turn your content into captivating experiences that mesmerize audiences worldwide. From gripping documentaries to eye-catching commercials, we weave narratives that grip the heart, spark imagination,…

Your story is worth telling. Capture it.


Step into the world of our most captivating creations, where each project is a tapestry of emotions, stories, and moments. Explore our portfolio and witness the magic we’ve woven.

Customer Testimonials

“As a producer and production coordinator for Digital Ranch Productions in Los Angeles, 7th Wave Pictures is my broadcast company of choice for the entire Southeast region of the United States. The camera crews at 7th Wave Pictures are self sufficient, carry a wide variety of equipment, and able to travel at a moment’s notice. Most of all, their customer service is unmatched and quality of work is among the best in the business.”


“I’ve been working with Matt for over 4 years and have never been disappointed. Highly knowledgeable, works fast and always gives me beautiful footage. This is the only crew I call when shooting in the greater Atlanta area. It is always a pleasure working with 7th Wave Pictures!”


“We couldn’t be more pleased with our fundraising video that 7th Wave Pictures produced. Matt Ruggles is a visionary who weaves together interviews, still shots, raw footage and music into a cohesive and compelling video. Matt is easy to work with and he thinks outside the box. I highly recommend 7th Wave Pictures! They made our mission statement and our organization really come alive!”



Delve into the art and science of video production with our insightful blogs. We share our wisdom, experiences, and discoveries, offering a glimpse into the passion that fuels our work.

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I’m a lifelong videographer, and I’m passionate about using my skills to create engaging and informative content. My passion to videography started when I was 16 working on my high school’s news channel. From there, I started videotaping everything. The process was challenging yet exciting! Many years later, I still love the challenge of working behind the camera to bring stories to life.

We use high-quality equipment and provide realistic schedules, with honest customer service.



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