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7th Wave Pictures, a leading Atlanta video production company, is owned and operated by veteran Atlanta video producer Matt Ruggles. Formed in 2003, 7th Wave Pictures has seen their work on television, on the big screen, and all over the internet. Please take some time to learn more about us and see if we are a good fit for you!

Professional Videography Services Crafted Toward Your Needs
Our professional videography services include corporate video production, broadcast television, EFP/ENG crews, corporate presentations, web-based video, documentaries, and more. Whether you require a videographer or need a fully produced video project executed from script to screen, each job will benefit from our unique attention to detail. Working in the video production services industry is exciting and challenging so experience goes a long way. If a project request is new for us, we will determine the best way to go about it in order to get optimal results. Each client has different needs and expectations, and we understand what works for one client may not work for the next.
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As a producer and production coordinator for Digital Ranch Productions in Los Angeles, 7th Wave Pictures is my broadcast company of choice for the entire Southeast region of the United States. The camera crews at 7th Wave Pictures are very self sufficient, carry a wide variety of equipment, and are able to travel at a moment’s notice. Most of all, 7th Wave Pictures’ customer service is unmatched and their quality of work is among the best in the business.” 

- Nino Lopez
Producer - Digital Ranch

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